Donald Houde  Leadership Development Services

Organizations must be able to trust existing and developing leaders to effectively execute their decision making processes. It is a critical step when an organization prioritizes integrating leadership development into its innovation and growth roadmap. It showcases leadership through an organizational culture in which leadership’s greatest possibilities and value are displayed. Donald Houde, president and founder of Houde Consulting, provides extensive leadership development services that not only result in enlightened executive leadership but also enable all of an organization’s contributors to realize their leadership potential through value generating, authentic self-expression. This is enlightened, auditable leadership that is requisite to navigating the roadmap toward transforming innovative ideas into the reality of successful implementation as well as establishing the governance structures required to realize repeatable, transparent, measurable success. 


Donald Houde and the Houde Consulting professionals support the maturation of an organization’s overall leadership through the development and advancement of an agile approach and framework fostering a safe, trusted environment that exercises diplomatic facilitation and honed interpersonal relationship skills to:


  • invite healthy skepticism
  • recognize, acknowledge and disarm fears of personal assessment
  • remove any thoughts of prejudicial judgment
  • shun blame by focusing on actions versus the individual’s role
  • lead constructive transformation without succumbing to the customary inertial energy and fears surrounding change
  • enable each individual’s authentic self-expression to create value for the organization
  • understand how each individual leader's efforts are contributing to an agreed-upon mission with a common set of priorities and values.  


This approach is founded upon trust building, empowering and collaborative one-on-one sessions exercising active listening skills and providing actionable responses; trust that is mutually nurtured and shared with listening that goes beyond focusing upon what is being expressed through words to include listening for intangibles and hearing what is not being said.


The Houde Consulting approach to leadership development also recognizes the differences between providing quality leadership in the public and private sectors. We have supported public sector organizations with leadership and management developmental practices that navigate the public service challenges associated with potentially:


  • lacking a clear definition of success
  • being asked to calibrate success without metrics
  • achieving goals and objectives with a diffused power structure
  • having to build highly performing teams with public sector constraints
  • leading and managing to an economic engine without a profit motive
  • creating positive public momentum without a brand
  • having money solely as a resource for excellence and not as a measure of excellence (with the possible exception of expense mitigation and fiscal efficiencies)


Our domestic and international experience, both in the public and private sectors, has helped and continues to be useful to organizations investing in the value of leadership development. Throughout the professional career of Donald Houde, especially the years of public service, he has been passionately dedicated to leading, architecting, implementing and sustaining strategies to help people and organizations realize their highest potential. He has worked closely with many visionary leaders who today continue to work on business and societal enhancements.


Showcasing enlightened leadership enables seasoned and developing leaders to assume their roles in a manner that motivates, unites, inspires and provides a voice to the silent. Showcasing great leadership fosters innovation, creating quantifiable measures of success that are typified by multiplying value to the individual leader, to the team and to the entire organization.

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